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Heat Pump Services

Heat pumps are a wonderful economically simple solution to heating your home in the fall and spring seasons here in central Illinois. For the more moderate seasons, heat pumps can be a cost efficient way to both heat and cool your home.

Omni Home Comfort - Heat Pump Services
Service overview

A heat pump is a standalone, two-component appliance that uses refrigeration and electricity to provide heating and cooling for your home. Essentially a heat pump works by circulating refrigerant through a cycle of evaporation and also condensation. A compressor ‘pumps’ or moves the refrigerant through coils. The coils work to evaporate at the low pressure stage and absorbs heat for redistribution. This allows you to only use your furnace when it’s really cold outside saving you both fuel like natural gas or propane and also electricity.

Omni Home Comfort can service all makes and models of heat pumps and we are installers of quality heat pumps in the Champaign Urbana area.


The Key benefits of a residential heat pump include:

  • Cost Savings

Heat pumps are more cost efficient way of heating your home in the colder months of the year, when compared to your combustion furnace. 

  • Low Maintenance

Once a year aspects of your heat pump will need to be cleaned and inspected.  These items have a longer where time when compared to the parts on your furnace like, the flame sensor or hot surface ignitor.

  • Safety

Heat pumps have a higher safety rating then a furnace. It operates outside your home with no combustible flue source.

  • Reduced Carbon Footprint

Because a heat pump doesn’t have a combustible fuel source it can reduce your carbon emissions.

  • Cooling

In the warm summer months, it can be used as a cooling system much like your central air system.  When your set your thermostat to cool your heat pump will reverse the flow of refrigerant and cool your home.

  • Long Life-Span

Heat pumps are a durable source of both heating and cooling your home.  They average 15 years or longer when maintained properly


Our Comfort Maintenance Plans

Silver Plan

1 year (per system)

$60 Service Call Fee
10% Indoor Air Quality Discount
20% Parts Discount
Front of Line Service

Platinum Plan

3 year (per system)

$45 Service Call Fee
No Charge for Repairs
20% Parts Discount
Front of Line Service
Frequently asked questions

When compared to a furnace, heat pumps today can reduce your use of electricity in the colder months by about 50%

Heat pumps come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be used in a number of different ways. They can come in the form of a Mini-Split system and used for a single room or a much larger variation that can in fact be used to heat your whole home.

If you live in the Champaign Urbana area of Central Illinois, you can give Omni Home Comfort a call for a free estimate to have one installed!