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HVAC Accessories
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HVAC Accessories

When it comes to HVAC accessories there’s a lot to provide you with many options to better help personalize your specific wants and needs. Another thing with the accessories there’s options in product and also a range in price so we can offer very affordable options. All of our certified technicians are more than capable of installing any accessory you would want or need.

Omni Home Comfort - HVAC Accessories
Service overview

Here is a short list of common accessories that we can install for you:

  • Humidifier
  • Dehumidifier
  • Ultraviolet Purifiers
  • Thermostats
  • HEPA Filtration
  • Air Scrubber
  • Whole Home Air Cleaner
  • Zone controls

For detailed information on each accessory check out the page under “Air Quality”. To make a more informed decision on what it is you would benefit from most. After you schedule your appointment with Omni Home Comfort by either calling or click today.  We can offer our expertise advice on what we do and don’t recommend for your unique situation.


once you schedule your appointment or FREE estimate you will receive an email and or text verifying the date, time, location, and we also provide you with the details of which of our certified technicians will be servicing your home. When our technician arrives they will inform you on all your accessory options and you will be able to pick which one works best for your specific needs and budget. We offer our services in Champaign Urbana and surrounding areas.

Our Comfort Maintenance Plans

Silver Plan

1 year (per system)

$60 Service Call Fee
10% Indoor Air Quality Discount
20% Parts Discount
Front of Line Service

Platinum Plan

3 year (per system)

$45 Service Call Fee
No Charge for Repairs
20% Parts Discount
Front of Line Service
Frequently asked questions
  1. When a furnace starts to blow cold air, it’s easy to get concerned. Here are a few common things to check.
  2. If your thermostat fan set to “on” and not “Auto” this will cause the fan to run continuously.
  3. Check your air filter and see if it is dirty.
  4. Check to see if the pilot is lighting when your thermostat is calling for heat.

The most common reason furnaces start to leak water is due to a condensation leak. Some other reasons can be due to:

  1. A faulty secondary heat exchanger.
  2. A faulty furnace humidifier.
  3. A clogged internal drain.

If the furnace still isn’t cycling, there could be one of three problems happening:

  1. The fan limit switch is set to “manual override”.
  2. You have a faulty fan limit switch.
  3. Your thermostat isn’t wired properly.