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Boiler Services

Boiler heat is definitely one of the most reliable heat sources in our homes to date!  Less common when compared to a furnace, but reliable none the less!  Omni Home Comfort is your solution to your boiler maintenance and replacement needs! Omni Home Comfort has qualified technicians to ensure your boilers safe operations at optimal levels all season long!

Omni Home Comfort - Boiler Services
Service overview

We Service all makes, models, of both hot water and steam boilers.  Boilers like a furnace, needs regular maintenance every year.  What kind of maintenance does your boiler need?

Just to give you an idea here are a few of the many things that need to be completed on your boiler every year.

·         Clean and inspect burner assemblies.

·         Inspect steam sight glass of water level gauge for proper water levels and the condition of this glass. (Steam boilers only)

·         Check pressure tank.

·         Check system for air pockets.

·         Test water for impurities

·         Check and clean thermocouple

This is a very short list of common examples. If anything like this is going on in your home, it’s time to call or schedule online to have an Omni Home Comfort certified technician come out to take a look at it for you.


After you successfully schedule service for your Boiler system, you will receive a confirmation email or text message confirming the date, time, and what technician will be arriving to your home. Your technician will diagnose the problem and provide you with detailed information about their findings. Your technician will then give you as many repair pricing options there are available to your specific issue.

Our Comfort Maintenance Plans

Silver Plan

1 year (per system)

$60 Service Call Fee
10% Indoor Air Quality Discount
20% Parts Discount
Front of Line Service

Platinum Plan

3 year (per system)

$45 Service Call Fee
No Charge for Repairs
20% Parts Discount
Front of Line Service
Frequently asked questions

If maintained properly, your homes boiler can last around 15 year.  Call Omni Home Comfort to get your Boiler maintenance scheduled today!

Rattling or banging can be an indicator that your boiler is low on water and has an air pocket.  Call Omni Home Comfort for service.  This is not something you should try to handle yourself. 

A good reason for this is because either you have an air pocket or an obstruction in the pipe due to gunk building up.  Your system or that “Zone” will need flushed and a water treatment should be used.