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What Is A Home Warranty?

A home warranty is a contract between the homeowner and the home warranty company that protects against costly, unexpected repairs. It’s important to note that contrary to common misconception, a home warranty policy does not cover everything 100% of the time. Policies vary greatly, each with its own list of covered items and exceptions. As a contractor for the home warranty company, we do not have direct access to your specific contract. Therefore, if you have any queries about your policy or the extent of its coverage, we strongly encourage you to contact your home warranty company directly. This way, you can gain a clear understanding of your coverage and eliminate any uncertainties.

Home Warranty Claims

While we are committed to providing the highest quality of service as your chosen contractor, it’s important to note that our scope is limited when it comes to your policy. We operate as a vendor for American Home Shield, yet we remain a distinct entity from your home warranty company. As the homeowner, you hold the responsibility to handle all interactions with your home warranty company. This includes initiating any claims, recalling a claim, disputing coverage, or contesting non-covered claims. All inquiries regarding your policy should be directed towards your home warranty company.


Credits Are Available.

While your home warranty company has the final say in whether a broken system gets repaired or replaced, we at the contracting company understand that sometimes a repair isn’t what you’re looking for. In situations where the home warranty company decides to repair your heating, cooling, or indoor air issue, we’re here to help maximize your benefits. We can work with you to secure a credit towards a replacement unit or even an upgrade. This ensures you have the flexibility and options to make the best decision for your home’s comfort and value.

Financing Is Available

Not all repairs are covered 100% by your home warranty, and such expenses can be unexpected and burdensome. However, we are dedicated to assisting you through these potential financial hurdles. We offer a broad range of flexible financing options tailored to accommodate a variety of budget constraints and financial circumstances. This ensures you can make the best, informed decision for your family without worrying excessively about the costs involved. Your comfort and satisfaction remain our topmost priority, and we’re committed to making home repairs a seamless and stress-free experience for you.


We are with you every step.

Dealing with a home warranty company can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially when it involves navigating policies, initiating claims, and negotiating coverage. You are not alone in this process. With years of experience working closely with home warranty companies, we are equipped to guide you every step of the way. Our expertise will help demystify the process, making it easier for you to understand your policy, your rights, and how to maximize the benefits of your home warranty. We aim to transform this potentially challenging journey into a smooth and manageable experience, providing consistent support and clear communication at every juncture. We’re committed to standing by you, ensuring you always have a trusted partner in your corner.

What Is The Process Like?

When you encounter an issue covered by your home warranty, you can place a claim by calling your home warranty company or filing it online. The company then creates a work order and sends it to one of their contracted service providers. If the work order is received during regular business hours, the assigned contractor will typically call to schedule service on the same day.
Please note that scheduling a service on the same day does not necessarily mean you will receive service immediately. We, as the servicing contractor, cannot schedule any work until we receive the work order. It is common for there to be a slight delay from the time you place your work order to the time the assigned contractor receives the work order.
Home warranty companies generally encourage contractors to schedule service within 48 hours after receiving the service call. This period does not include weekends. While we strive to accommodate this timeframe whenever possible, during certain seasons, we experience a high volume of calls. In such times, there may be calls scheduled outside of the 48-hour timeframe. The home warranty company understands this, and when it happens, calls are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. We do not offer emergency services or reserve spots for such calls.

If service is requested outside regular business hours or on weekends, an additional fee will be charged to the homeowner. Your home warranty does not cover this fee. For any other specific questions or concerns, please contact your home warranty company directly.

Repairs vs Replacement

First and foremost, it’s essential to note that your home warranty company primarily operates as a repair company, not a replacement company. Replacement of an appliance or home system is not the default solution and only occurs in a handful of instances. For instance, when the issue is non-repairable, when the necessary parts are no longer available or manufactured, or when the cost of repair exceeds the cost of replacement. There are also instances when repairing an old appliance or piece of equipment simply doesn’t make economic sense due to issues with component compatibility or efficiency. In such cases, replacement may be the more pragmatic approach. However, these are exceptions, not the rule. Your home warranty company will always aim to conduct repairs where feasible.

Who Is Responsible For Making Decisions

As a vendor of American Home Shield, Omni Home Comfort operates independently. Importantly, we do not have access to the contract you hold with your home warranty company. As such, all decisions regarding repairs, part orders, equipment replacements, and coverage are made by the home warranty company based on the specifications of your individual contract. We are obliged to seek approval from the warranty company for each step of the process. This checks and balances procedure ensures all actions align with your warranty terms and conditions. Consequently, any issues, questions, or disputes regarding coverage and decisions should be directed to your home warranty company, as they hold the authority.

What are out-of-pocket expenses?

These additional fees can be attributed to a variety of circumstances. For instance, if a repair or replacement exceeds the maximum dollar limit set in your policy, you may be responsible for paying the difference. Furthermore, some policies may not cover certain appliance or system failures due to negligence, improper maintenance, or pre-existing conditions. Additional costs may also arise if you choose to upgrade to a more expensive model or unit during a replacement. Finally, some policies may require a service call fee or deductible each time a claim is made. It’s essential to thoroughly review your policy to understand these potential costs and limitations.

• accessibility
• contract limits
• construction or modifications
• permits
• code upgrades
• disposal of equipment
• shipping fees and/or equipment upgrades
• refrigerant recovery
• limitations on refrigerant costs
• ductwork modifications on supply and return
• missing parts
• electrical upgrades
• labor difficulties.
• Additional labor to de-ice frozen coils or condensing units
For questions specific to your policy, you should contact American Home Shield to discuss your policy details.

What Will Happen If Your Claim Isn’t Covered Completely?

In the event that your claim is approved and there are out-of-pocket expenses incurred by you as the homeowner, rest assured that Omni Home Comfort will do our utmost to assist you and get your system back up and running efficiently. However, please understand that work performed under a home warranty is already provided at a discounted rate, and as such, we cannot offer any additional discounts. We understand completely that unexpected fees can cause financial stress, and it’s precisely for this reason that we collaborate with a variety of financing companies. Our aim is to alleviate some of the financial pressure and ensure that you, the homeowner, can focus on the comfort and functionality of your home with minimal worry.

What Do We Mean When We Say “Upgrade”?

An upgrade represents an opportunity to bridge the gap between the standard coverage of your warranty company and the advanced features or finishes you desire for your home. If your appliance or system has been approved for replacement, this becomes an ideal occasion to consider an upgrade. A portion of the replacement cost covered by your warranty can be credited towards a new, more advanced system. Typically, warranty companies limit replacements to equipment or parts with similar, often builder-grade, features or finishes. This means they may not replace your equipment with the same brand or color you originally had. To address this, we at Omni Home Comfort offer many upgrade options. This enables you to choose equipment that best fits your home’s aesthetic and functional needs, ensuring you receive the most value from your home warranty claim.

What Can You Do If Your Claim Is Not Approved Or Covered?

There could be several reasons why a claim is rejected due to a pre-existing condition. First, inadequate maintenance of the system or appliance could lead to a breakdown that would otherwise have been avoidable. Second, if there are any signs of improper installation or repairs performed by unauthorized personnel, these could also justify denying a claim. Lastly, any damages that are a direct result of non-compliance with local codes and regulations could be regarded as a pre-existing condition. It is always advisable for homeowners to maintain their systems regularly, comply with all local regulations, and only use authorized personnel for repairs and installations to avoid such scenarios.

For a comprehensive list of items not covered under your home warranty plan, please directly refer to your home warranty company’s terms and conditions. There are instances, however, where certain failures not included in your home warranty may still be covered by your homeowner’s insurance. If such a situation arises, we at Omni Home Comfort are more than willing to assist you with obtaining estimates for your homeowner’s insurance. Alternatively, if you decide not to use your insurance and prefer to proceed as a regular customer, we are fully prepared to guide and support you through that process as well. We aim to ensure your comfort and satisfaction, regardless of your chosen path.

A Short Example Of Non-Covered HVAC Items

Below is a list of common items that your home warranty policy may not cover:

• Permits
• Code required modifications
• Refrigerant line sets
• Plenums and duct modifications
• Flue Piping
• Improper installation or repair
• Missing Parts
• Failures caused by secondary damage
• Items that are still under manufacturer warranty
• Detectable pre-existing damage
• Misuse, abuse, or mistreatment, including but not limited to removal of parts and damage by people, pests, or pets
• Accidents, fire, freezing, water damage, electrical failure or surge, or excessive or inadequate water pressure;
• Lightning, mud, earthquake, soil movement, storms, or acts of God
• A manufacturer’s improper design, materials, or formulations, a defective manufacturing process, or other manufacturing defects.
• Routine Maintenance (Cleaning)
• Capacity such as drain lines, HVAC equipment sizing, and ductwork being too small or large
• Modification to make new HVAC equipment fit, such as drain lines, electrical, gas piping

It’s crucial to be aware that most policies have defined limitations on refrigerant, with your home warranty company often covering only the first $10.00 per pound. Therefore, any additional costs will be your responsibility. Furthermore, when the policy does cover permits and code modifications, there is typically a maximum coverage amount of $250.00. As a homeowner, understanding these coverage limitations will help you anticipate potential out-of-pocket expenses, ensuring no unexpected financial surprises during the repair or replacement process.