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Why Financing?

Oftentimes, a decision is made to repair an older, less efficient unit instead of replacing it with a newer, energy-efficient unit due to the high cost of a new system.  Consumer financing can be an effective tool to fit a new system into your budget without breaking the bank, while unlocking savings through reduced energy usage when compared to older, less-efficient units.

Base Your Decision on Comfort

When faced with a purchase decision, a minimum or standard efficiency heating and/or cooling system is often the path of least resistance. It’s usually the least expensive option, initially. Given the real possibility of increases in minimum efficiency ratings, the new base-efficiency system’s rating is likely the same or greater than that of your old system. It’s easy to rationalize this default decision. But, with the insight we’re about to provide, it will be just as easy to see the wisdom of upgrading to a high-efficiency heating and/or cooling system.

Tailored Solutions

Omni Home Comfort has financing solutions available on all of our high- efficiency heating and cooling systems. We will provide you with the best options allowable based on creditworthiness.

Don’t hesitate, we work with lending institutions that take a look at the whole picture. Click below to see exactly what you qualify for.

Frequently asked questions
We are established with lending institutions who look at the big picture and regularly finance clients with scores less than 600! Don’t do without because of uncertainty. Apply today and we will tell you how we can help.
Those financing with Omni Service Group’s lenders generally don’t put any money down! After you apply we can fit you with a program giving you specific terms.
APR’s are assessed by the lender after you apply. The average APR we see with many of our clients is 9.9%.